“I liked the use of live code -- running to show examples in action”


“I found the overall class instructive and fun. It helped me to enhance my knowledge of Python and taught me tons of new things”


“Great class, very informative”

Conrad Hubbard

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Ron Nixon

The New York Times


Joe Schlosser

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Why Holden Web?

Steve Holden FBCS, CITP, has over thirty years instructional experience, teaching at all levels from computing novices to postgraduate doctoral candidates, and he brings a great love of his subject matter to his teaching. He has given many well-received Python talks and classes to conferences around the world, and regularly teaches and consults for an international clientele. Steve is the chairman of the Python Software Foundation and the author of Python Web Programming.

All trainers are recruited to exacting standards, guaranteeing you a highly satisfactory outcome from your training.

Upcoming Public Classes

Introduction to Python, Washington DC, May 11-13, 2010


Why Python?

Python lets you get more programming done in less time, and helps you integrate your systems more effectively. Existing programmers who learn to use Python see almost immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance effort.

So it's no wonder that organizations large and small have discovered the benefits of Python for themselves. Whether your needs are in the world-wide web, enterprise requirements planning, graphical user interfaces or almost any other application area Python offers the support you need. It also has one of the most supportive communities in the open source world, so when you need help it's available right away!

Washington DC, New York, or On-Site

The standard introduction takes three days, and is offered in Springfield, VA and New York, NY.

Internet access, telephone access, continental breakfast in the morning, snacks at breaks, coffee, tea and cold beverages are available throughout the day and lunch are all included. These amenities are available to our students at no extra cost, to enhance your training experience. Computers are provided, though you are free to bring your own laptop.

Alternatively ask us about our on-site classes, where we come to you. This can make economic sense if you have a number of people to train. If you would like an on-site class, just let us know and we will contact you to discuss your needs.


If you have more than one person who needs training don't forget to ask about our quantity discounts.